Saturday, June 28, 2014

Please Tell Me

Please tell me there's not something wrong with me...that I'm not hopelessly sick and dying because I'm so fat.

Please tell me I can lose weight. I may never have gone a year of my life without gaining. My dress size has always just about matched my age. I want it to stop. I'm tired of buying new clothes when i never got to wear the old ones

Please tell me these hideous stretch marks will go away. They prove to me that I'm out of control, that I'm ugly, that I can't show my body off, that I don't want to

Please tell me there's a diet that works. Or explain to me why every one of the friends I've seen attempt to lose weight have been stunningly successful

Please tell me I have the willpower to really do something instead of wallow in my hatred and sadness believing there's no way out

Please tell me I'm not trapped here hopeless for ever

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