Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More Things that Should be Documented

I'm not sure what there really is to say about this, but something has to be said. A facebook friend of mine recently posted a text message she'd gotten, by all accounts from a friend-of-a-friend she doesn't personally know. Photo under the cut, of a message spewing nothing but hatred, vitrol, and frankly lazy insults against fat people and women both.

The photo was posted on my friend's facebook with the following caption:

"To the person who messages me this. I do not know you. You've obviously never met me. I hope you find happiness. I honestly feel sorry for you. Please get some help."

I think that really just about sums up what you do say to something like this. I think there are points to be made about what language and topics bullies flock to, what is instantly assumed to be shaming (fat, ugly, slut). I wonder if it's worth pointing out that my friend has actually LOST a good deal of weight in recent years, and how even when fat people do manage to get smaller, it does little or nothing to take away the hate they get for still being large. I have vague thoughts about the irony of accusing her at the same time of being too fat and ugly for anyone to love, and an apparently lucrative prostitute. 

I think in the end it's just one of those things to write down. To find patterns and keep in mind Things Fat People Are Told (I don't follow Twitter, is that still going on?). And when faced with this level of blind and frankly confusing hatred, it's easier to remember that it really has all to do with bullies, and nothing to do with the individual person on the receiving end.

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